Saturday, August 25, 2018

Woman, Thou Art Loosed!

One of the most powerful moments in your life is when you realize that the breakup you thought was the end of your life is truly the release that created the ability to have the life you were truly meant to live!  I used to lament the end of my marriage as a huge failure in my life.  And certainly there were many personal shortcomings that contributed to my marriage not working.  I own that.  I learned from that. Most importantly, I released that!  I released myself from my past so that I could create a beautiful future.  I did an assessment of what I did “wrong” and reframed them into what I could do “right” to be a better partner in a relationship.  I am more cognizant of what I can control—my behaviors and actions—so that I can be better for me and better for the one I love. 

Far too often we hold onto our past and allow it to rob us of our future.  I was listening to the Redefining Wealth podcast by Patrice Washington, America’s Money Maven, and she dropped a nugget of wisdom that reminded me of the power of release.  She wisely noted, “Forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past.”  Bam! 

Can you create a better past?


You cannot go back and make your past go the way you wanted it to go.  You cannot go back and make him love you the way you wish he had.  You cannot go back and love him differently than you did.  You cannot go back and create a better marriage, relationship or life.  You. Cannot. Go. Back!

You can learn from the past and create a better future. 

Releasing yourself from the past will open you up to all the possibilities of the future.  Releasing yourself from the power of your memories will create a superpower of shaping your future.  Releasing yourself from the devastation of your breakup empowers you to have a beautiful future. Your past will either entrap you or release you.  Decide to be released!

What do you need to release today? 

The present is time to create the future you desire, deserve, and deliver yourself!

Today, I challenge you to create a Release Agreement.

Here’s a template to begin this powerful process:

My name is _____________________ and I release myself from my past so I can create the future I deserve.

I release myself from feeling __________
I release myself from the fear that  __________.
I release my anger about ________.
I release the hurt that ________ caused me.
I release myself from the hurt that I caused.
I release myself from the disappointment that _______________.
I release myself from ______

Signed __________________
Dated: _____________

Once you create your release agreement, print it out and post it on your mirror and say it aloud everyday until you feel the freedom of the power of your words and live them everyday in your spirit.

Woman, thou art loosed!

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