Monday, November 5, 2018

Put on the Full Armor of Joy!

You must put on the armor that reflects the victory you are going to get.  Strip off the mourning sack and put on the full armor of joy!  Everything is a strategy.  What you wear affects how you feel.  If you look like you are going to a funeral, you will feel like you are going to a funeral.  If you look like you are going to a party, you will feel like you have much to celebrate.  I wear bright colors on gloomy days on purpose.  I have decided that I will be my own sunshine on the cloudy days of my life.  This is not just superfluous fashion choices.  It is creating an intention to be joyful, deciding to be joyful, and showing up joyfully.

Joy is not something that happens by chance.  It is an intention.  It is a decision.  It is an action.  As I was writing this article, I decided to move outside to enjoy the sunshine.  The sunshine is a natural muse for me and I write best in the sunshine.  I was initially on my backporch.  But I assaulted by a congregation of mosquitos ready to feast on me in my joyfully colored kaftan.  I  sprayed my repellant on surrounding areas to avoid the massive onslaught, but there were a few jokers persistently buzzing around me.  I decided to forgo writing on the back porch and move to the front porch.  I was about to begin fussing about why the world has mosquitos when I remembered what I was writing about and quickly dismissed that pointless tirade.  The mosquitos are with us and fussing was not going to alleviate me of them.  So I put on the Full Armor of Joy and redirected my thoughts to the joy I could find on the front porch and resumed writing.

You see, the true Full Armor of Joy begins in your thoughts.  I could sit here on my front porch sans mosquitos squandering this joyful moment if I allowed my thoughts to dwell on the thwarted attempt to write in my favorite spot.  It just didn’t go as planned. There is just as much joy on the front porch as there is on the back porch.  Because joy is where I find it.  Joy is where I decide it will be.  Joy is where you believe it is.  It is truly important to embrace the power of thinking joyful thoughts as the pathway for living a joyful life.

But don’t stop on joyful thoughts.  Your thoughts are just empty vision until you empower them with action.  You must position yourself for joy.  You must position yourself for victory.  You must position yourself for the blessings you SAY you are ready to receive.  Imagine if you ask someone to throw you a ball.  You think about catching the ball.  You think about the ball coming at you.  You think about how great it will be when you catch the ball.  But you just stand there thinking.  You don’t move.  You don’t hold your hands out to receive the ball.    Well, in addition to getting popped in the face with the ball, you’re not going to get the ball.  Life works the same way.

You must position yourself to “catch” the joy you want to receive in life.  You’ve get to move.  You’ve got to move joyfully.  You’ve got to move expectantly. You’ve got to move with confidence that you’ll catch it.  Positioning yourself for joy means getting prepared for the next step.  It means speaking of what you say you want as if it is already happening.  It’s the equivalent of wanting to be a world traveler and applying for your passport even though the trip is not planned yet.  So many people claim to want to travel the world yet don’t have a passport.  Get your passport and be ready when your international opportunity presents itself.  Position yourself expecting to catch you’ve said you desire.

Many times, you will hear the saying, “Fake it until you make it.”  I believe this is more aptly worded, “Project it until you manifest it.”  Projecting the joy you want in your life begins in the words you use to describe yourself.  You can’t expect to win calling yourself a loser all of the time.  You can’t expect to be wealthy calling yourself broke all the time.  Affirmations are a powerful way to project what you want to manifest.  This is not creating reality out of thin air, but creating the expectation by framing your mind in the terms of what you desire.  We are influenced by our environment.  We are influenced by what we see and hear.  It makes an impression and you store it subconsciously.   You then recall that when you see associations with the memory.  It influences how you feel, how you act, and what you do.   Imagine how powerfully you can influence your life when you immerse yourself in words and images that reflect what you desire in life.  When I hear my affirmations, I believe I can be them.  When I believe I can be them, I make choices that align with them.  When I make choices that align with them, I begin to see the real-life outcomes.  Projections are manifestations of the vision you say you believe that create powerful influences that shape your actions, behaviors, and choices.

Whether you realize it or not, you project the energy you want to receive.  Imagine when you are angry.  How do people respond to you?  Do they show up are happy and joking?  Typically not.  They may avoid you or respond in kind.  I have realized that I have the power to create the energy that I want to receive.  When I show up with positive energy either people respond in kind or leave because they don’t want to be positive.  Fine with me!  I have found that I have the power to turn any bad situation into a positive one by the energy I give it.  If I give it angry or negative energy, the momentum builds and the situation remains angry or negative.  When I decide to be joyful in the midst of the negativity, I keep my peace and create the joy I want for myself.

Regardless of how things are for you, you decide how you are going to show up.  Put on the Full Armor of Joy—Your outfit, your thoughts, your affirmations, your environment, your actions, and your energy.  The full Armor of Joy is your way of creating the joy you deserve and desire.  Whether it’s joy in your career or relationships or finances or your life.  It all begins with your intentions.  It all begins with you.  When decide to be joyful and put on the Full Armor of Joy, negativity can’t get through.