Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Happy Bee! Happy Me!

This morning while sitting out on my back porch during my daily meditation and enjoying my morning coffee, a little bee landed on me. My first inclination was to panic and get it off me! Just like the pesky little mosquitoes I thought I should kill it! But I paused and thought about who the little bee truly is. Bees are life givers. They spread joy from flower to flower and life is created and recreated along their journey. 

As I reflected on how this bee was not a threat, I was realistic that I did not want to be stung. That would not have good consequences from either me or the bee. And so I watched the Bee travel along my robe as I thought about how I could get it to fly away peacefully. Eventually, I found a stick to transfer the Bee to and then released him into the air. Happy Bee! Happy Me!

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