Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Resistance is the Secret of Joy

We find joy when we resist the urge to conform 
When we resist the desire to be like everyone else for the sake of fitting in 
When we resist the feeling of failure because we have not yet achieved 
Or because our achievement is a failure by someone else’s definition of success 
When we resist the voice in our ear that tells us we are not enough 
When we resist the voices judge, condemn and convict 
When we resist the forces that bind, constrict, limit and block 

We find joy when we look for Grace in the smallest spaces
In the most humble of surroundings
In the tiniest flutterings of light 
Amidst a pervasive darkness 
That poaches, encroaches and seeps  
But cannot shut out the flickering of light that is Joy 

Darkness always fades to light 
Light always shines through 
It resists the covering 
It evades the shadows 
Resistance is the secret of joy

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