Sunday, February 14, 2021

Lot's Wife


Lot’s Wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. I had done the same. I kept on looking back at what I lost. Looking back at what he did. Looking back at the life that was. I had turned into walking pillar of salt. Angry as fuck. And one day, I decided I would be Lot’s wife no longer. I decided to leave it all behind. I did not need it. I decided to release myself from the fires of anger, hurt, and regret. I decided to let my past burn. I had a future to look forward to. I had too much ahead of me to be looking back on a burning city. 

Once you leave a burning town, you’ve got to let that bitch burn. You are not a firefighter. You can’t save it. You’ve got to keep on walking and save yourself from the fire. That’s the thing about life. Once you make a decision, you’ve got to be good with it. More importantly, you’ve got to be good without what you have left behind. 

Regret plagues your present and robs you of your future. Hurt about past hurt creates new hurt that won’t allow you to heal. Stop letting the need for closure rob you of your peace. They meant that shit. Fuck “Why?”! It doesn’t matter. 

In the end it doesn’t matter why. It does not matter if it was your fault or theirs. It doesn’t matter if they care. It doesn’t matter. It happened. Accept that. Be at peace with that. Release that. Move the fuck on. If you don’t, you’ll be like Lot’s wife. Dead on the inside. Salty on the outside. Left behind and immobilized by an attachment to what was. 

It is no more. Let it go. Let it go so you can let yourself go. Go into the next chapter of your life freely. Unchained. Unbound. Unlocked. 

Looking back keeps you chained to the past. Looking forward keeps you oriented to moving on. Moving on. Moving beyond. Moving up. 

You can remember the lessons of your life without looking back. You can turn the pages of that history without repeating the story in your mind and in reality. That is a chapter already written. 

It is time to write a new chapter. A salt-free chapter. One where you are fully alive and unencumbered. Release the salt of your past into the wind. Let it be carried away on the breeze. Cast away any imprisoning thoughts. Watch them scatter with each grain. Release and embrace your renascence. Look forward to the new you emerging.

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